Privacy And Data Protection Policy


ParkSafe respects the privacy of your personal information or confidential data and takes protecting it seriously. Our Privacy Policy is intended to explain you everything about our practices regarding the collection, usage, safeguard and disclosure of information that you make available to us through the ParkSafe App and other associated partners such as micro sites plus sub-sites (the “App”). While using ParkSafe or any service it offers, you clearly consent to our collection, usage, and disclosure of your personal information in line with, and are consenting to be bound by, as explained in this Privacy Policy.

Ways that ParkSafe Collects & Stores Information

When you use ParkSafe, we may collect, store and process your information or data (covering your personal information and other data that can be exclusively recognized with you) as mentioned below:

  1. The information such as your Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC), Driving License, Insurance Policy and such other documents may be required very often covering your name, your complete address with postcodes, date of birth. However, if you own a car then certain information associated with your Car to register with the ParkSafe App or to hold a right to use on other services offered by us;
    • A record of any correspondence between you and ParkSafe;
    • A record of any communication or notice you have created by using the App;
    • Your contact number along with 2 additional mobile phone numbers which you may seem suitable to allot under an Emergency Contact feature of this App;
    • Your e-mail address and a password;
    • Your responses or feedbacks to any surveys or feedback form that we may utilize for research purposes;
    • Particulars of accounting or financial transactions covering transactions performed by using the Site or otherwise. It may involve data like your debit card, credit card or bank account particulars, specifics of Trips (as mentioned in our Conditions) that you have reserved or accessed via the Site;
    • Data we may need from your end when you report an issue with the App;
    • Information regarding the resources you access and your visits to the App;
    • Information associated with you which we may collect from other sources.
  2. Data and information are also collected deprived of you keenly supplying it, by the means of several technologies and ways like Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and cookies. These technologies and ways do not gather or store personal information.
  3. We collect only that information and data from your end that you choose to provide us. There is no need to provide any personal information to us but it may inhibit you to take full benefits of all the services we offer without performing so.
  4. We make the use of your IP address (a number which is allocated to your computer by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) so that you can easily access the Internet) to identify issues with our server, report comprehensive info, and find out the fastest route for your computer to get utilized in line with our site, and to direct and enhance the website.
How We Use This Information?

We may utilize this information and data to:

  • make sure that the content of the App is accessible in the utmost effective mode for you, your mobile phone and tailor the App in accordance with your own preferences;
  • execute and direct any obligations getting up between you and us;
  • support in bringing general enhancements to the App;
  • permit you to make use of the features and other services of the App;
  • evaluate how users are utilizing the App for different purposes such as internal marketing and other research purposes;
  • make a contact with you to alert you about changes or updates in the App or the services we provide, excluding where you have enquired us not to do this.

Note: We don’t resell your personal information or confidential data to any third party. Plus, we don’t utilize such data for any third party marketing.

Sharing or Disclosing Your Information

We assure you that we don’t reveal the details you deliver to us via the Site to any third parties excluding:

  • your contact number, only in a situation when you are searching by means of the vehicle number in the ParkSafe App and then making use of that search result to report an Emergency/Urgency/Accident. Your contact number is only revealed to the individual who is allocated under the App Emergency/Urgency Contact of the vehicle you did report as well as to the vehicle owner so as to contact you back and locate the whereabouts of the instances you did report by means of the App.
  • to implement any terms of use that relates to any of the App, or to implement any other terms and conditions or other kind of agreements for the App Services that may relate;
  • if we have to resolve an obligation to reveal or share your personal information so as to fulfil any legal obligation (for instance, if it is essential to do so due to a court order or due to the purposes of any kind of fraud prevention or other corruption, crime or upon demand made through government agencies);
  • we may hand over your personal information or data to a third party from the viewpoint of sale of some or even all of our business and resources to any third party or as a portion of any business rearrangement or reformation, but we ensure you that we will take all appropriate steps with an intention to ensure the continuing protection of your privacy rights;
  • e. to safeguard the privileges, property, or safety of ParkSafe Private Limited, the App’s consumers, or any other third parties. It covers swapping information with other corporations and organisations for the commitments of credit risk reduction and fraud protection.
  • for the drive of authentication through third party service providers of the information and data enclosed in the IDs and other documents that may be gathered from the Members during registration time, claim of a vehicle or at any other stage where there the usage of the App may be needed.
  • Any 3rd party service provider will execute data only under the complete control of ParkSafe and will be limited to the same extent of security plus care under the ParkSafe’s Privacy and Data Protection Policy. Nonetheless whatever enclosed herein or the terms & conditions, ParkSafe hereby denies any obligation getting up from the authentication of the documents and IDs by 3rd party service suppliers containing but not restricted to its precision, consistency, and uniqueness;
  • for the determination of upholding inner quality, training and updating the Members/Users/Consumers regarding the Services of ParkSafe.

Note: Excluding other things as set out above, we shall not reveal any of your personal information or confidential data without your consent.

How ParkSafe Uses Cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data that a website or an app that you visit or use can store locally onto your personal computer or your mobile device. Cookies generally cover information regarding your activities on the Internet. However, a cookie does not cover any personally identifiable information that you provide to a website or an App.

On the ParkSafe App, we may utilize cookies to keep a record of every user's progress via App that will further allow us to make enhancements on the basis of usage data. We do have the right to make use of cookies if you log in to or using one of our online services so as to facilitate you to stay logged in to that service. Cookies can support you fetch the best out of the App and also support us to deliver you with a more tailored service. Moreover, you do have the right to consent or decline cookies. If you utilize the App, we may assume that you are happy with the usage of cookies by us, as explained above. If you decline cookies, it will not limit your access to the majority of information accessible on the App. On the other hand, you may not be able to take full advantage or benefits of our all online services.

Accessing and Correcting Your Personal Information
  • We reserve the right to take all appropriate steps consistent with our lawful obligations to update or make a correction in personally identifiable information in our ownership that you supply through this App.
  • We may utilize topmost encryption software or technologies to protect your confidential data, and activate stringent security standards to inhibit any illegal access to it. We hold the complete right on taking applicable steps to safeguard your personally identifiable information as you submit your information or confidential data from your mobile device to our App and also to defend such information or data from any kind of loss, exploitation, and illegal access, expose, variation, or destruction.
  • support in bringing general enhancements to the App;
  • You are permitted to access the information detained about you and your right of access can be applied in line with the Act. However, if you are willing to perceive details of your personal information, you can contact us through our contact page.
  • Whenever or wherever you make use of your passwords, your user name, or other distinctive access features on this App, you should be responsible for taking appropriate steps to defend them.
Other Websites or Links to Third Party Websites

While using this App, you may find some links and references related to other sites. Kindly be alert that this Privacy and Data Protection Policy does not apply to such third party websites. We will not be accountable for such privacy policies and practices of third party websites that are not governed by us, even though you access such sites via our App. We also recommend you to examine and thoroughly read the policy of every website you visit and make a contact with that site’s owner or operator regarding your concerns or queries.

Besides, if you approached this App through a third party website, we will not be accountable for the privacy policies and practices of that third party website’s owner or operator and also suggest you the same i.e. Examine and thoroughly read the policy of such third party website and make a contact with that site’s owner or operator regarding each concern or query.

Sharing Your Personal Information Out of India

You understand that as part of our online services presented to you via this App, the personal information you submit to us may be relocated to, and kept at, countries out of India. For instance, it may take place in a situation where our servers are sited in a country out of India, from time to time or one of our service suppliers is accessible in a country out of India. We do have the right to share your personal information or data with other equivalent nationwide bodies that may be sited in countries worldwide. Your submitted information may be transmitted to a third party only if it is crucial for the enactment of any agreement between us and that third party or on the basis of receipt of your approval to transmit data. In a case, if we transmit your personal information or data out of India in this manner, we ensure you to take all appropriate steps to continually safeguard your privacy rights as clearly defined in this privacy and data protection policy and in line with valid laws comprising but not restricted to IT (Information Technology) Act, 2000 and the rules enclosed there under. Moreover, if you submit your personal information to us via our App, you agree to the relocation, storage or processing of your information out of India in the way defined above.

Notifications Regarding The changes In Our Privacy and Data Protection Policy

We will keep you updated regarding all the changes in our Privacy and Data Protection Policy on the website to support you in making sure that you are always attentive to the information and data we collect, how we use such information, and in what situations, if any, we transfer it to other parties.

Contact Us with Your Views

In a case, you feel to contact us with your opinions or feedbacks regarding our privacy practices, or with any query concerning to your personal information or confidential data, you can make a contact with us through our contact page.

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