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Backed by cutting edge Technology to Unblock your
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Easily register your vehicle in ParkSafe App! 24/7 vehicle safety, anywhere you park. Know when your vehicle needs you the most. Stay updated with live traffic alerts

Prevents Scratches

Don’t ram a vehicle parked over your driveway in the parking space. Also, prevent your own vehicle from getting bumped or scratched!

Find Vehicle Owner Via QR Code / Vehicle Number

Easily contact vehicle owner by scanning QR code displayed outside the vehicle through ParkSafe app or simply make a search via vehicle number.

Connect & Chat with Vehicle Owner

ParkSafe does not share personal details to connect with the Vehicle owner and you just have to download the App in your smart phone and start chatting via App.

Security and Privacy

ParkSafe tags are designed with high security features in order to maintain your privacy. You can even disallow people to call you but an anonymous CHAT feature will always stay ON without sharing your mobile number even when you are offline.

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